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About 6-APB & 5-APB( Benzo fury)

What is 6-APB?

Benzo fury is a stimulant that is commonly marketed in the product ‘Benzo Fury’ and may act like amphetamines (such as speed) and like ecstasy.

The key effects and risks of taking Benzo fury are considered to be similar to both drugs.

There is very little useful research into the short, medium and long-term effects of it on users.

Hence, it is not possible for Know The Score to provide specific advice on any additional risks for 6-APB, beyond those of amphetamines and ecstasy.


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Buy  Benzo fury online Appearance of benzo fury
Benzo fierceness – 5-apb-benzo-wrath is sold as hued tablets or ‘pellets’, as a white or brown powder,

or as differently hued cases. The appearance isn’t, notwithstanding, an assurance of content.

Administration of 5-APB
6-APB when sold as ‘Benzo Fury’ can be gulped or grunted in lines.

The powder form can likewise be moved up in a cigarette paper and gulped (‘bombed’).

Effects of Benzo fury
Benzo rage is synthetically like amphetamines (like speed) and to ecstasy,

so it’s sensible to accept that they have comparative impacts to those drugs.
Hence, individuals utilizing Benzo fierceness might insight: Feeling exceptionally up, ready, talkative and energized.

Being ‘on top of’ their environmental factors or potentially with music and tones feeling more intense.

Temporary sensations of adoration and love for individuals they’re with and for the outsiders around them.
Physical impacts, for example, enlarged pupils,
tingling sentiments, fixing of the jaw muscles, raised internal heat level and the heart thumping faster.
See the speed and rapture pages for additional subtleties.

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6-APB ( Benzo fury)

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